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Thursday 21.05.20



Today will follow a similar pattern to yesterday. We will be looking at the standard written method for division (bus stop method) this time 3 digit numbers divided by 1 digit. We have found another video with will remind you how to use the short bus stop method, and remember, if you find it helpful, you can still draw the counters to help your groupings.  A times table grid may also be useful (see additional maths resources).


You can still go to the White Rose website and watch the video and complete the activity sheet if you wish.

English - continue with the booklet from last week please.


Read page 18 I want to go there! to help with your ideas for the next bit. Complete the Let’s innovate! Box on page 19.

Scratch Coding


Work through ‘Make a chase Game’ tutorial – you will find it on the ‘All tutorials’ Tab.

Can you create a simple game of your own?