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Friday 19.06.20



Can you figure out what the poem could be about on page 14? All the words and phrases are jumbled up! Read pages 15, 16 and 17 – Lockdown. Complete ‘What do the words mean?’ activity. Can you match the words on the left to a similar meaning in the central column? You can re-write the answers out in your book if that is easier than drawing a table. Complete page 19 ‘What words and ideas do you remember?’ Re-read the poem and fill in the two parts on page 19. Finally, there are four questions on page 20 to answer about the poem.



It's Friday challenge time. This week, BBC Bitesize have partnered with Premier League Primary Stars to bring you some football themed activities, videos and quizzes! Use the link below to find all the resources you need. 



Don’t forget you can choose an activity to complete from the Topic Web.