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Friday 17.07.20


Welcome to our final Friday Maths Challenge!

Today we have given you an 'In the Forest' escape room challenge.  

You are having a wonderful time playing with your friends and family in the forest. You have been jumping in the piles of crisp, golden leaves and collecting shiny, brown conkers.

It’s getting close to tea time and you all decide to head home. However, as you look around, you realise that you are lost!

Luckily, an adult in your group has a map of the forest on an app on their phone, but they have forgotten the passcode needed to unlock the phone.

Solve the clues and puzzles to discover the passcode needed to unlock the phone and find your way out of the forest.

The clues could be anywhere, so you need to keep your eyes peeled and your mind sharp!



When you find a clue that has been hidden, work together to find the answer and reveal one of the digits to the passcode.

Record your answer on the answer sheet.

Once you have discovered the passcode for the phone, check it with your teacher to find out if you can unlock the phone and escape the forest!


Today you get to choose what type of writing you wish to complete. Choose your activity from Activity 13-14-15 – or you may have an idea of your own!

If you have enjoyed writing about finding tales, there are some book recommendations on page 22 that you may wish to read too.