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Happy New Year Everyone

Friday 15th May

Happy Friday!




Since we've had our Not-tests (Nests?!) now it's time to think about our Not-residential (Nesidential?!).


We want you to write the diary of your residential trip.  But the good thing is, we're not limited by budget or health and safety rules or even the laws of physics.  If you want to, you can take the class to fly unicorns on the moon or time-travel to meet Roald Dahl or learn to juggle in a circus or shrink to the size of an ant and break into an ant colony!  The most creative and brilliant days we'd love to share -- we may not have actual residential memories but that doesn't mean we can't have the most bonkers, silly, unbelievable, off-the-wall Nesidential memories!



Multiplying fractions by integers (whole numbers).  We looked at this earlier in the year but it's one of those topics we've had requests to revisit.


Please look at the video here:


And then have a go at the activities linked below!



You may have missed it last week and it was a bank holiday but Mme Ferguson put up a super lesson and resources for VE Day.  As we're remembering VE Day after Mr Jones' challenge last week, this is the perfect opportunity to check it out.


Happy New Year Everyone