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Monday 23rd to Friday 27th May - Art/History Week at Parkfield School

Friday 15th January


Today concludes our work on dividing a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number. Watch the White Rose video below and then complete the worksheet. Use your knowledge of remainders from yesterday's activity to help you answer the questions.


Challenge! If you're feeling confident in your ability to divide 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers, have a go at the Problem Solving and Reasoning questions below! You can print these off or complete them on paper.


Create a list of things or activities that your trolls like and dislike.


Then, complete the 'Engaging Adverbs Game' on page 12 by writing a paragraph about the things your trolls like to do.

Use adverbs at the start of your sentences to make them interesting to read. Don't forget your commas!


Write sentences using the adverbs provided, then add some more of your own using the word mats below.

Remember to extend your ideas using your FANBOYS (coordinating) conjunctions.




Today, we are learning about drawing maps to help give directions.

Go through the Geography 5 PowerPoint to learn more about how to accurately draw maps and give more detail about your task.

There is a larger map below to help you.

You can draw your map using paper in your blended learning packs.


Monday 23rd to Friday 27th May - Art/History Week at Parkfield School