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KS2 Summer Concert : Tuesday 19.07.2022 (18:00 -19:00) Queen's College

Friday 10.07.20


Welcome to your penultimate Friday Maths Challenge!

Solve as many problems as you can either on your own, with brothers and sisters or even as a whole family. If you really want a challenge, perhaps you could challenge your parents to Parents V Children - who can complete the challenge first?!

Remember, challenge 1&2 are suitable for ages 5-7;

challenges 3-6 are suitable for ages 7-11 and challenges 7-10 are suited to ages 11-15.


Today you will be jotting down all your amazing ideas for your own suspense finding story. Use Activity 8 on page 13 to guide you through some prompts to help you. Activity 9: What is your treasure?

Next, look at page 14 and decide what the treasure you find will be. There are some here to help you or you can choose something completely different…a dinosaur egg perhaps?  Complete the 5 steps on page 15 to help you with gathering your story ideas.


KS2 Summer Concert : Tuesday 19.07.2022 (18:00 -19:00) Queen's College