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Friday 05.06.20


Welcome to Friday's Maths Challenge!

Solve as many problems as you can either on your own, with brothers and sisters or even as a whole family. if you really want a challenge, perhaps you could challenge your parents to Parents V children - who can complete the challenge first?!


Before we move on, recap what has happened in the story so far - you could use the images from the earlier PowerPoints to retell the story to someone at home or you could re-watch the video (Monday's star) up until 2:25 minutes to refresh yourself.


 Today we are recapping 'writing dialogue'.  Can you remember the key rules for dialogue?

Watch the clip below from BBC Bitesize if you need a reminder.


Your job today is to write the dialogue for the characters as they say goodbye at the train station.

Use the questions on the slides to give you some ideas.  Think about the 'register' of the characters - slide 6 will show you more on this.