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Welcome to back everyone, and a big hello to all the new children who joined us in September.

Friday 05.02.21

Pages: 15, 16 + 17
To finish your English work for the week, you will need to complete the ‘Sentence Imitation’ section and the ‘Write Away’ section! These tasks involve getting creative and using the structure of the text as a guide, so I can’t wait to hear some excellent sentences.
Please stop when you get to the section titled ‘It’s now your turn to be an author’ as that is the work for next Monday.

We are working with improper fractions again today, this time turning them into mixed numbers. A mixed number is a number that is not a whole number. Because it is not a whole number, a mixed number is also not an integer! Remember that 1 whole = 1 one, and you should be able to work through these. Count your wholes and then count what fraction you have left over. For example, 12/5 could also be written as 2 2/5, as it creates 2 wholes, with 2/5ths left over.


Note: There is also a fantastic game here: which helps with visualising making a mixed number. Choose mixed numbers (middle option) for the game.

Since this week is Children's Mental Health Week, we will not be doing an afternoon zoom session today. Instead, we would like you to enjoy a relaxing afternoon taking time for yourself out of our busy home learning schedule. We will be leaving the art up as we think this is a calm, mindful task, but if you would rather complete a slightly different task, then why not take some time to do something different, like one of the tasks below.
You could:
- Take a blindfolded taste test (why not get a family member involved?)
- Learn something new about your local area (you could go on a walk with your family?)
- Learn how to moonwalk (there's plenty of videos online!)


Welcome to back everyone, and a big hello to all the new children who joined us in September.