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Bonjour tout le monde,

Ça va?

Bravo with the Bonne Année et Épiphanie learning.  Remember, when you do these activities, keep them safe for your French folders when we are back in school together.

We are learning about pets, les animaux.  Hear their sounds and learn a question and answer.  Click on the link to hear the learning

You will watch “Vieux Macdonald a une ferme”, Old Macdonald has a farm on the BBC website.  Notice the different sounds the animals make.

Also, watch Petit Ours Brun as he visits a farm for the first time.  Listen for the names of the animals and wave when you hear them.

Don’t forget the VIDEO RESOURCE CENTRE on the school website.  Go to children and select VIDEO RESOURCE CENTRE, choose Y1 & 2.

Bon courage, good luck,

Madame Ferguson