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For english this week and next week we will be completing an exciting two-week project based on a story called ‘Mission Possible.’ This story is about two twins who have a special secret. Each day we will put up which part of the activity you should be working. We will attach a booklet for you to work through – don’t worry you don’t need to print this booklet, you can copy anything you need to into your workbook or pages. Don’t forget you can email us any of your work to the woodpeckers email address and we can add a selection to the website for everyone to see.


TASK 1: Read the text on pages 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Remember to use a dictionary or ask an adult about any tricky words in the text so you fully understand what is happening in the story.


TASK 2: Complete page 7 ‘Let’s chat about the story.’ Here you will need to summarise what the story is about. Summarise means telling the story in only a few sentences making sure you include the main ideas. There are also four questions for you to answer. This is a little bit like the likes/dislikes table we sometimes complete in class.


Remember you don’t need to print this out, you can draw the correct image into your workbook.