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LO: To explore one of the main themes.


In this lesson, we will explore one of the main themes of the book. We will be thinking about what we already know, using some strategy checks and then having a go at analysing the text. The teacher will help you understand tricky words so please listen carefully to her explanations. 



- Think of female characters in books that you already know and answer the questions from the teacher. Record you ideas in your workbook please. 

- Think about the questions 1 - 4 set by the teacher. Why does Lalchand say this in no place for a girl? Why does Lalchand want to find her a husband? Why was Lila horrified? Who do you think has the wrong idea? Who do you think Philip Pullman thinks has the wrong idea?

- Summarising task

- Write a sentence to say how Lila rejects the stereotypical characteristics of a female.

- Do you think Lila will disobey her father and become a Firework-Maker? 


Remember to develop your answers. The teacher will guide you with these if you get stuck.


Click on the link below to get started.