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LO: To analyse a character.


In this lesson, we will use inference questions to analyse the main character in the book. This lesson will look at how a character is introduced, there will be a few inference questions based on yesterday's learning and finally how the writing helps us develop an impression of Lila. 


Remember to record your answers in your workbook and to give detailed answers for inference style questions. The teacher will go through the answers, but you must have a go and write your own answers first. 


Throughout the lesson, the teacher will ask you to pause the video and complete tasks. 


TASKS: Please send your work from today to the Woodpecker or Kingfisher email address for us to check over. This could be a picture of your work, your answers typed up or drop your work to the office.

- Four inference style questions.

- Create a mind map for the word determined.

- Create a mind map for Lila.

- Write a sentence about Lila.

- Question - Do you like Lila as a character?


Click on the link below to begin.