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Happy New Year Everyone


LO: To explore the function of apostrophes.


In this lesson, we will investigate how to use apostrophes for singular possession and for contraction. We will practise using them in sentences. The lesson will begin with a warm up activity, then you will look at apostrophes for possession, then apostrophes for contraction and finally finish with a  game. 



- Warm up activity/ Put the correct word classes into the correct definitions. Write the sentences in your workbook.

- Write down what the arrows are pointing to on the picture of the monster. Don't forget to include some adjectives to describe the object.

- Write some phrases about the monster that contain apostrophes.

- Change the word order of the sentence and write the new phrase down.

- Think of some other nouns for the monster and jot them down.

- Write some sentences that have apostrophes in them - don't forget to extend them and make the exciting. Think carefully about word choices. 

- Listen to the paragraph and then write down all the words that have apostrophes. 

- Match the contracted words to their uncontracted words.


Click on the link below to begin.


Happy New Year Everyone