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Happy New Year Everyone


Moving away from human faces, today we are going to write about an animal's face.  It could be a pet, a wild animal or an endangered animal. 


Maybe you could write in the voice of the animal demanding that humans look at their face, look in their eyes and care for them. 


TASK 1: Look at the PowerPoint of animal face photographs to inspire you. Write a thought bubble for what each animal might be thinking if it could talk.


TASK 2Write a poem about one of the animals. Here are some ideas to help you get started.


It could be a descriptive poem about the animal’s face.

- It could be a poem in the voice of the animal saying how it senses the world (through its eyes, with its nose, what it hears, etc.)

- It could be a cinquain consisting of 5 unrhyming lines.

- Maybe you could write a tanka about the animal’s face.


Remember to look at the extra resources to remind yourself of the different types of poems you could choose to write.


Happy New Year Everyone