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'Focus on Faces' - Day 2

Today, we would like you to think about some famous faces in art. 


TASK 1: Look at the PowerPoint and think about the emotions and moods of the people in the pictures. Choose five pictures and write a thought bubble to show what the person might be thinking. There are a lot of pictures to choose from, so make sure you look through them all first before you choose which five you would like to focus on.


TASK 2: Write a poem about a famous portrait such as the Mona Lisa, or 'The Girl with the Pearl Earring', or a self-portrait by Frida Kahlo or Vincent Van Gogh. You can choose one of the images from the PowerPoint for your poem. Again, you can choose whichever type of poem you would like to. Have a look at the extra resources for some poem types. I would advise writing a different type of poem to yesterdays.


Remember to look back at some of the poetry resources from Monday if you need any help with an idea for a poem. You will find them at the bottom of Monday's English learning page.