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For English this week and next week we will be completing another two-week sequence based on a text called ‘Goblinology: The Ultimate Guide to Goblins.’ Each day I will put up which part of the activity you should be on and I will attach the booklet daily. Don’t worry, you don’t need to print this booklet; you can copy anything you need to into your workbook.


TASK 1: Read page 1 and 2 where you will find out about Dr Frizzle and one of her many, many books – Goblinology. You will notice that the contents page is missing its numbers. As you read through the booklet, you can add in the correct page numbers.   

TASK 2: Complete page 3 ‘Introduction.’ Use the information on page 3 and what you have read so far to help.  Imagine you are writing a book all about dragons or mermaids. Can you fill in the blanks to make the information about them?

TASK 3: Read page 4 to find out about the suffix -ology which means the study of something. Can you think of three of your own to add?