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Happy New Year Everyone


‘Let’s get writing!’


TASK: Look at the bottom of page 32. It’s time to write your own adventure story using everything you have completed in the last two weeks to help. Use your plan from yesterday to help structure your work and aid your ideas. Good luck and we can’t wait to hear them. Maybe you can read your story out loud in our Zoom meeting it we have time.


Remember to give your work a final edit before you finish. Check for spellings, punctuation and sense. 


This piece of work needs to be submitted to us at school. This can be done by typing your story and emailing it to us, photographing/scanning your story and emailing it to us or, if you are passing, you could drop it into the school office - please make sure you put your name and class on it though!

We are looking forward to reading your Mission Possible stories!


Happy New Year Everyone