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Happy New Year Everyone


Now it’s time to create and plan your own story.


TASK: Look at the Mission Impossible example on page 28. This is a little like the boxing up we do in English lessons when we are preparing to write our our texts.


Read over the story road on page 29 and then complete your own story planner – page 30. Remember you can write this straight into your workbook. Page 31 will give you some more ideas to get you started. If you would rather plan your story using a boxing up method like we do in class, that is fine. 


Remember the plan only contains the bare bones or the key ideas from your story. You will be completing the actual writing of the story tomorrow.


Your final story will need to be submitted to us at school. This can be done by typing your story and emailing it to us, photographing/scanning your story and emailing it to us or, if you are passing, you could drop it into the school office - please make sure you put your name and class on it though!

We are looking forward to reading your Mission Possible stories!


Happy New Year Everyone