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TASK 1: Read page 23 to recap on how useful adjectives are in our writing. Complete the drawing task at the bottom of the page. Draw what you think the mirror looks like and describe it using adjectives. Use the paragraph about the jewel as a good example to help you write your own.


TASK 2: Read page 24 ‘Speech marks’ to recap on how to use speech marks. We have recently looked at this in English lessons, so you should be familiar of how to include speech in sentences already. Have a go at the task on page 25. Remember to look back at the rules you have read if you find this tricky.


Extra challenge: Have a go at creating a secret code on page 26. All good spies need their own secret code so why not have a go at making your own code to use. There are instructions for this task on the page. Good luck! Remember this is an extra challenge so only complete it if you would like to.