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For English this week we will be continuing to work from our Mission Possible booklet from last week. I will attach it each day for you to access.


TASK 1: Read page 20 and answer the questions about the character in the passage you have just read. There are six questions to answer. 


TASK 2: Complete page 21 ‘Your characters.’ Spend some time thinking today about the characters you want to include in your story. Use the work you completed on Friday to help with this. Complete page 21 ‘settings.’


TASK 3: Use your knowledge of other stories you have read and collect some ideas for the setting in your new story. Read page 22 and complete the task at the bottom of the page. ‘Mission Possible ’is set in London and the sacred treasure is hidden on an abandoned riverboat on the Thames (a famous river that runs through London). The author chose the abandoned riverboat at night because they thought that it would be a bit scary.


Remember you don’t need to print your pages; you can write in your workbook.