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COVID19 Catch Up Programme

Catch Up Programme  Strategy Statement

The Catch Up programme is a Government initiative to support children in making rapid progress due to COVID 19.  A per pupil sum of  approximately £80 has been delegated to schools to support each child’s educational needs so that any gaps in children’s learning can be diminished.


Who is eligible?

Every child at Parkfield School is legible to take part in the Catch Up programme.   


How can funding be spent?

Head teachers and school leaders decide how to use the funding to meet the particular needs of their pupils, and will also be held accountable for the difference it makes. 


At Parkfield Primary School, we monitor the progress and attainment of all children along with particular groups so that we can adjust our curriculum and support to raise standards.  Due to the funding we will receive, we will also implement a personalised catch up programme for every child in both Maths and English to ensure every child has the opportunity to make rapid progress and minimise any gaps in their learning due to not being at school for a period of time during COVID-19.  Alongside these interventions, additional staff will be appointed and directed to areas of the school where it has become evident that additional support is required.  


The impact of this support will be measured by the progress that children make both academically and socially.  A base line assessment will be carried out prior to a programme beginning to ensure that progress can be calculated and the specific need of each child can be addressed. 


Happy New Year Everyone