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Wednesday: 06.01.21

The activities in this booklet will last us for the next two weeks! This booklet will help you with writing 'information texts' which aren't too different from the explanation texts we did at the start of the year.
It is all about the mysterious creature known as the 'Rhi-swano-zeb-tah', so we know some of the nature lovers in Year 5 will love this text.


For your first English task, please read the first few pages, including the text itself (Pages 6 and 7) and fill out the speech bubbles to record your interests, questions and favourites.


We will be completing some of the White Rose maths sheets over the next few weeks, there will be a link for the video that accompanies the worksheet for the day.




We are starting our new geography topic this week, which is mountains!
For today's topic task, please can you create a fact file on a mountain range. You might want to include some information on:

- The highest peaks in the mountain range

- Where it is located (country and continent)

- Any extra fun facts you can find


If you are really stuck, you could research one of these mountain ranges: The Alps, The Himalayas, The Rocky Mountains, The Andes.