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Year 5 Homework

Homework is an essential part of your child's learning and each week there will be homework set to reinforce, practise and develop the skills and knowledge that they have been taught in class. 


We encourage children in Year 5 to take responsibility for ensuring their homework is completed and handed in on time.  We would like them to be as independent as possible with their homework tasks which is why the tasks set will be linked to learning they have already done in school. If they are finding something tricky and need guidance, we appreciate your support and encouragement at home and also offer them support in school.


All homework will be set on a Friday and is due in the following Friday, when it will be marked with the children in class. Please see the 'Homework Expectations' attachment to find out what type of homework your child will be set.


The 'Homework Menu' tasks linked to our topic work, will be set at the beginning of a half term and will be due in the final week of that half term.  Children will be expected to complete a minimum of 2 tasks and present/share one of them with the rest of the class.


Year 5 Homework Expectations


House points: Mars 496 - Mercury 850 - Pluto 507 - Venus 518