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House points: Mars 428 - Mercury 424 - Pluto 412 - Venus 363

Open the book again

          For a second time, she opened the book.  Curiosity burned inside her.  As she opened the book, her heart skipped a beat and the pages spilled open.  Vines trickled from the book onto her legs and arms and up around her neck, suffocating her into blindness and…

          She woke up.  It was just a nightmare.  She was sweating.



          She crept closer.  She could hear a loud thumping sound.  She saw a large sky-blue volume.  It read: “Secrets”.  She felt as if she was pulled forwards but the book blocked her from pulling it out.


          Sat there…

          …One old book stared at her.  She reached forward and touched the brown leather book.  Then she felt something take over her.  She pulled it out…

                   As she took it, she looked both ways.  Then she zoomed off to the exit of the ancient library; everything stopped…

                   All of a sudden, she couldn’t breathe.  Horror.  Horror filled the air!



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House points: Mars 428 - Mercury 424 - Pluto 412 - Venus 363